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Hydraulic Squeeze Chutes – Silencer

When you are looking for a cattle squeeze chute there is no shortage of options to choose from. Most are well built and made with good quality products. Depending on the herd size to be handled, each style will have unique pros and cons. Here at Wilks Ranch, we believe there is one squeeze chute that stands out above the rest of its competitors. It is not only built well, allowing efficient and safe access to the animals, it also goes the extra mile in providing maximum comfort while reducing stress and anxiety for the animal. The Silencer Hydraulic Squeeze Chute from Dubas Equipment delivers efficiency, safety, and comfort for both the rancher and the animal.

Wilks Ranch - Sabanna Ranch - Silencer Squeeze Chute - Hydraulic Chute

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Who best to confirm our convictions than a veterinarian? They are the ones who work with all types of chutes and all classes and sizes of livestock firsthand. They have the opportunity to see chutes pushed to their limits, observing their weaknesses and strengths. The findings are worth taking note of. They have found that the Silencer is set apart from its competitors with a unique combination of engineering not found in other brands.

First, it operates completely on a hydraulic system with a portable remote control so only one person is needed in the handling area of the chute and one or two people needed to round up the cattle vs. rounding up every able bodied person on the property. This alone creates a calmer atmosphere for the cattle.

Secondly, the Silencer operates on the “Flight Zone Avoidance System”. Once a person enters the flight zone the animal will move, however, when the human is outside the flight zone, the animal will stand still. This allows the cattle to be more at ease with their surroundings providing them an anxiety-free experience when being worked with.

Wilks Ranch - Sabanna Ranch - Silencer Squeeze Chute - Hydraulic Chute

McFarland Productions

Finally, the Silencer has incorporated the use of some of the findings of Temple Grandin in its design. They make use of blinds which prevent the animal from being able to see the handler as it is proceeding through the chute, yet, because of the direction of the blinds, the handler has full visual access to the animal’s every move. Then, with one flip of the hydraulic switch, the chute will gently close with equal pressure from top to bottom on the animal’s body, providing maximum comfort which results in a calmer animal. The handler is then able to do the necessary work in a safe and efficient manner. Happy animal- happy handler. It is a win, win situation.

Modern ranching practices have evolved notably from a few generations ago when a rancher would round up the entire neighborhood to help vaccinate his hundred head of beef cattle in the spring. Now we have the Silencer to stand in the gap. While there are other companies that offer a product similar to the “Silencer”, they have a long way to go to be put in the same category of excellence.With all the choices out there, it can be a daunting decision. However, this is a matter between good choices vs. the best choice .

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