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Dan and Farris Wilks learned the importance of hard work from their father. They knew the value of vision and persistence, and of building a firm foundation for their future. Starting in the cattle business in their Cisco, Texas, home, they expanded a small family farm and a few head of black angus cattle to the immense holdings Wilks Ranches employs today.

Seeking to improve their commercial ranches, the brothers established a registered seed stock operation in 2013. They provide bulls and cows for commercial and seed stock cattlemen, and realized they could do a great deal to improve genetics and strengthen Black Angus herds throughout the country.

Wilks Ranches Locations

Kevin Reed, Asset Manager

Kevin Reed is the Wilks’ Asset Manager. He’s been with the Wilks brothers since the 1980s, and a few years ago moved into their ranch and land business. He manages all the Wilks ranch holdings, visiting all the properties each month. Kevin was responsible for putting the seed stock operation and team members together.

Aaron Kiser, Seed Stock Manager

The Wilks Ranches Seed Stock Manager is Aaron Kiser. Aaron came on board as soon as the Wilks brothers established the seed stock operation, bringing a passion for the work that made him one of the top managers in only a decade. He manages every aspect of Wilks Ranches seed stock, including our new, innovative bull development center. He also directs the selection of herd and AI sires.

Jared Basinger, Sabanna Ranch Manager

Cisco, TX

Dan VonBargen, Flying U Ranch Manager

Cottonwood, ID

Greg Carter, N Bar Ranch Manager

Grass Range, MT

Steve Hartzell, Pine Mountain Ranch Manager

Bly, OR

Shane Hartzell, Pine Mountain Ranch Manager

Bly, OR

Jeff Palmer, Reservoir Ranch Manager

Ironside, OR

Parker Friedrich – Angus Marketing & Consulting

Wilks Ranches Marketing Consultant and Sale Manager, has helped Wilks Ranches acquire the top, most elite Angus donor genetics in the country. He has helped place the Wilks Ranches name alongside other top Angus seed stock ranches.

Todd Stroud – Hoofstock Genetics

Todd Stroud and the team at Hoofstock Genetics have been vital in advancing our breeding program. They’ve been handling all our embryo transfer and in-vitro work since the seed stock operation was established.

Natalie McFarland – McFarland Productions

Wilks Ranches’ Photographer, Videographer and Marketing Consultant, McFarland Productions, travels to all of our locations to capture images and videos of whats happening on the ranches. She also designed, built, and manages our website as well as manages our social media pages.

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