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Wilks Ranches’ Sale Facility

Eastland, TX

Located just south of Eastland, TX, we hold two annual sales; a fall production sale and a spring bull sale. We welcome you to join us at the facility for the sales!  

With genetics that have been proven through continued performance, progeny growth, and successful grading on the rail, Wilks Ranch is proud to serve as your choice seedstock operation.  We assure our customers the highest quality of genetics available in order to assist in advancing your herd’s form, function, and balance. When making our breeding decisions, we keep these three fundamentals in mind so the bulls that we produce, will produce for you!   

Form: the shape, visual appearance or configuration of an object or thing.  As this pertains to our cattle, they should look aesthetically pleasing to the eye in all their physical make up.  They should look like good cattle with the right proportions.

Function:  the action for which a person or thing in specifically fitted for or for which a thing exists.  When looking at the cattle in our program, this means they must perform. Females must have and raise a calf every year in their real-world environment.  The bulls must be able to travel over diverse terrains to breed your cattle and be continually successful year after year.

Balance: a condition in which different elements are equal or in the correct proportions.  We strive to breed cattle that have balanced traits and stay away from extremes that can only cause problems and difficulties in the end.  

Wilks Ranch Sales

The Wilks Ranch production sale is held annually in the fall and the bull sale is held annually in early spring at the sale facility in Eastland, TX. Wilks Ranches invites everyone to join them for their sale. If you would like a sale book, please contact us!

2020 Wilks Ranches Spring Bull Sale

February 26, 2020

2019 Wilks Ranches Fall Production Sale

October 17, 2019

809 Co Rd 313 Eastland, TX 76448